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Shchadryn (Schedrin,Scadryn) Belarus
Last updated September 16, 2012


Genealogy of the Golodetz Family in Schedrin

Dr. Lazar Golodetz

Chaim Golodetz m. Zlata
 Leyb m. Dvoyra:Abraham Joseph m. Gittel (nee Landau)
Moses m. Esther (nee Korngold)
Feygel m.Simha Kevesh
Chave m.Chaim Eliash
Rashe m. Joshua Bernstein
  Ber m. ??Mordechai Joseph m. Nehama Gittel (nee Lurie)
Israel Elye m. Minna (nee Friedman)
Isser m. Sara (nee Golodetz)
Leyb m. Bella (nee Isemakh)
Slove Peshe m. Moses Mordechai Rabinovitz
Sarah m. Elye Benjamin Greenberg
Feygel m. Ephraim Nahum Golodetz
Malka m. Nehemiah Berlin
 Zalman m. ??Ephraim Nahum m. Feygel (nee Golodetz)
Joseph m. Anna F. (nee Finkelstein)
Arye Leyb m. Sarah (nee Aberdam)
Sholem m. Kisha (nee Fradkin)
Israel m. Bella (nee Golodetz)
Feygel m. Jacob Halpern
Frume m. Elye Chaim Wolfson
Sarah m. Isser Golodetz
Adel m. Isaac Rabinowitz
Rosa m. Joseph Tsemakh
Sonya m. ? Fradkin

The above table includes only the second generation. This one had again a large progeny. Raising them was not expensive. There were many servants and maids available. Thus the population of the "court" attained toward the end of the last century some 200 members. Life there was gay and astir.

Photography was taboo to the religious Jews of those days. There were no cameras available. Only grandmother Dvoyra, was persuaded to consent to be photographed in her old age. Regrettably, I do not have that photograph. Neither do I have a photograph of Shtchedrin or of the "court," Yet the picture of the "court" and of the Township is very vivid before my eyes. I could draw a sketch of the Golodetz settlement, showing the location of the houses and the adjoining grounds. [see estate map]


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