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American Chemistry Council Takes Issue with Moyer, Trade Secrets

Me thinks the ACC doth protest too much...


The following pieces have been excerpted from the ACC's website.


Moyers angers group, Washington Post, March 23-25, 2001
A trade group of chemical producers accused Bill Moyers of "journalistic malpractice" yesterday for failing to interview its representatives before completing a documentary on the industry.

Mr. Moyers said he treated the industry fairly and was resisting attempts to discredit his work before it is shown, the Associated Press reports.

The growing storm concerns "Trade Secrets," a 90-minute investigation of the chemical industry that premieres on PBS stations Monday. The documentary outlines the industry's reported attempts to hide the dangers of its chemicals from employees and the public.

The American Chemistry Council has set up its own Web site to rebut the show and has complained about Mr. Moyers to Pat Mitchell, president of the Public Broadcasting System.

Mr. Moyers said his findings are based primarily on chemical-industry documents uncovered as part of a lawsuit filed by the widow of a former chemical worker from Louisiana who died of brain cancer at age 46.

Mr. Moyers invited chemical-industry representatives to take part in a 30-minute discussion, along with health and environmental experts, that will air immediately after the documentary. It will be taped on Monday about two hours after the industry representatives are allowed to view the program for the first time.

American Chemistry Today, Daily Digest 3/22/01
MOYERS SPECIAL - In a story on the upcoming Bill Moyers special, Washington Post media columnist Howard Kurtz focuses on the unfairness of not permitting industry viewpoint in a 90-minute documentary. "Why isn't he including us in a story that's going to have a big impact on us?" asked ACC's Terry Yosie. "We just want a fair shake." (Washington Post; 3/22;pg. C1;

Activists are expected to launch a major campaign next week charging that EPA and the chemical industry are "working in tandem to withhold incriminating evidence on the dangers of widely used chemicals." The Coming Clean Campaign, which is organizing dozens of "viewing events" for the March 26 PBS special on the industry, plans to develop "a list of demands that will improve the public's access to information on new chemicals," according to sources in the campaign. (Inside EPA; 3/23; pg. 7)


ACC Media Advisory (March 21, 2001)

A new launched today. It provides information about the safety and benefits of the products of chemistry and the safety net currently in place to protect chemical workers, the public and the environment.

On Monday, March 26, PBS will broadcast "Trade Secrets: A Moyers Report," which the network describes as a "groundbreaking investigative report on the chemical industry." Before you report on this 90-minute documentary or the issues it addresses, you should know that Bill Moyers never contacted the industry to obtain information. He has refused to give the industry an opportunity to address allegations in the report, correct possible inaccuracies or provide balance.

Here, then, is the other part of the story Bill Moyers isn't talking about. At you will find:

The industry's correspondence with Bill Moyers and PBS dealing with the program.

  • Information on the rules that govern how-and whether-the products of chemistry are brought to market.

  • Information on the industry's sizable investment in research and testing, including a nearly $1 billion voluntary initiative, working with environmental groups and independent scientists, to collect more information on the possible environmental and health effects of products. is sponsored by the American Chemistry Council, the Chlorine Chemistry Council and the American Crop Protection Association.

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