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Chaco Tortoise Systemics and Bibliography

Compiled by Melissa Kaplan


From the (TIGR) Reptile Database: Testudinidae: Geochelone chilensis

Species: Geochelone chilensis

1870 Testudo (Gopher) chilensis GRAY 1870
1870 Testudo argentina SCLATER 1870 (nomen subst. pro T. chilensis GRAY)
1952 Testudo (Chelonoidis) chilensis - WILLIAMS 1952
1961 Testudo chilensis - WERMUTH & MERTENS 1961
1967 Geochelone chilensis - PRITCHARD 1967
1973 Geochelone petersi FREIBERG 1973 (fide WERMUTH & MERTENS 1977: 77)1986
Chelonoidis chilensis - IVERSON 1986
1989 Geochelone chilensis - ERNST & BARBOUR 1989
1993 Chelonoidis chilensis - CEI 1993

Geochelone chilensis chilensis (GRAY 1870)
Geochelone chilensis donosobarrosi
Geochelone chilensis petersi FREIBERG 1973

Family: Testudinidae, Testudines (turtles)

Distribution: SW-Bolivia, W-Paraguay, NW-Argentina (southward to about 40° S in N-Patagonia)

Terra typica: Mendoza, "Chile", Argentina

Comment: 2 Syntypes: BMNH 1947.3.5.8 and 1947.3.5.9 (both formerly BMNH

Ernst,C.H. and Barbour,R.W. (1989). Turtles of the World. Smithsonian Institution Press, Washington D.C. - London
Gray. 1870. Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist. 6 (4): 190


Zoo Holdings
From the International Species Information System (ISIS) Abstracts:
Chaco tortoise Geochelone chilensis (Select Reptilia, then G)
Argentine tortoise Geochelone chilensis chilensis (Select Reptilia, then G)



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Wermuth, H. 1967. Care and Maintenance of Chaco Tortoises. Translation.

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