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Iguana Claw Clippers

Useful for other reptiles whose claws require trimming

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These are the clippers I find to be the easiest and safest to use for iguana claws. They are not frighteningly large to a small iguana, give you good control, and do not crush the nail when you clip it where you should.

Claw Clippers.  Looking a little like children's safety scissors, these clippers are very easy to position on the claw.

Insert your thumb through one loop, and insert your ring finger through the other loop. Rest your index and middle finger on the bar containing the loop through which your ring finger is inserted. This will feel awkward at first, but it actually gives you better control over the placement of the clippers on the claw and cutting of it.


The key to successful cutting (aside from knowing where to cut!) is to be relaxed and don't rush. If you get stressed out, your iguana will pick up on it and stress out. If you hurry and cut too short, then get mad at yourself, your iguana will stress out from that, too.

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