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Club-Tailed Iguanas

Spiny-tailed Swifts. Enyaliosaurus GRAY 1845

Melissa Kaplan 2000


These 4-5 species of iguanid lizard range from Mexico through Guatemala.

To 40 cm (16 in.)

Reminiscent of Ctenosaura but smaller; recently synonymized with that genus. [In Burgjardt& Rand's Iguanas of the World, 1988, they show a photo of C. defensor, one of the species previously in Enyaliosaurus.]

Tail often flattened and wider at base, with whorls of spiny scales usually alternating with rows of granular scales.

Captive data scarce; see Ctenosaura for care information.

E. defensor (C. defensor): Northern Yucatan. Without granular scales between spinous whorled scales.

E. quinquecarinatus (C. quinquecarinata): Southern Mexico (Oaxaca). With granular scales between whorled scales.


Obst, et al. 1988. Completely Illustrated Atlas of Reptiles and Amphibians. TFH Publishing, Neptune City, NJ.

Burghardt and Rand. 1988. Iguanas of the World: Their Behavior, Ecology and Conservation. Noyes Publishing, Park Ridge, NJ.

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