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Books: Chemical Sensitivity / Environmental Illness

Environmentally Induced Illness: Ethics, Risk Assessments, and Human Rights, by Thomas Kerns. 2001. Information about the book and how to order.


Chemical Sensitivity: Environmental Diseases and Pollutants--How They Hurt Us, How to Deal With Them (Keats Good Herb Guide), by by Sherry Rogers, Don R. Bensen.

Paperback A1 Books Amazon:  CA,   UK,   US Barnes & Noble


Defining Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. Bonnye L. Matthews, ed. 1998

Library Binding Amazon: CA,   UK,   US Barnes & Noble


The Scientific Basis for Selected Environmental Medicine Techniques, by Sherry A. Rogers. Available in special order paperback from Amazon CA US,


Multiple Chemical Sensitivities: Addendum to Biologic Markers in Immunotoxicology
1992. Report of a Workshop conducted at the request of the Environmental Protection Agency. Online book.


Chemical Exposures: Low Levels and High Stakes. Nicholas Ashford and Claudia S. Miller.
Second Edition. 464 pgs. 1998

Hardcover Amazon: CA,   UK,   US Barnes & Noble


Chemical Sensitivity: Tools for Diagnosis and Treatment, Vol. 4. William Rea.
928 pages. 1996.

Hardcover Amazon: CA,   UK,   US Barnes & Noble


Casualties of Progress, Alison Johnson. 2000.

Paperback Amazon:  CA,    US Barnes & Noble


Environment and Health

Our Stolen Future: Are We Threatening Our Fertility, Intelligence and Survival? a Scientific Detective Story by Theo Colborn, with Diane Dumanoski and John Peterson Myers. Read excerpt...

Paperback A1 Books Amazon:  CA,   UK,   US Barnes & Noble


Hormonal Chaos : The Scientific and Social Origins of the Environmental Endocrine Hypothesis, by Sheldon Krimsky, Lynn Goldman

Hardcover A1 Books Amazon: CA,   UK,   US Barnes & Noble




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