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Last updated January 1, 2014

CFS Symptom Checklist

Jay Goldstein MD

This is one of the questionnaires filled out by patients new to Dr. Goldstein. It can also be found in his books on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. The numbers in parentheses are the percentage of CFIDS patients who experience those symptoms. To complete the survey, rate the severity of your symptoms from 0 to 10, with zero being the least and ten being the greatest severity.

One thing to understand about CFIDS is that, while many people experience some of these symptoms at one time or another, and many of them are constant companions to those who are chronically ill with one of many different illnesses, CFIDS patients experience most of these symptoms on a daily basis, with impacts ranging from moderate to severe for each one. Cumulatively, the effects are devastating.

Note: For ease in printing, this document is also available in PDF format.

1. Fatigue (100%) - usually made worse by physical exertion.

2. Cognitive function problems (80%)

a. attention deficit disorder
b. calculation difficulties
c. memory disturbance
d. spatial disorientation
e. frequently saying the wrong word

3. Psychological problems (80%)

a. depression
b. anxiety
c. personality changes, usually a worsening of a previously mild tendency
d. emotional lability (mood swings)
e. psychosis (1%)

4. Other nervous system problems (100%)

a. sleep disturbance
b. headaches
c. changes in visual acuity
d. seizures
e. numb or tingling feelings
f. disequilibrium
g. lightheadedness - feeling "spaced out"
h. frequent and unusual nightmares
i. difficulty moving your tongue to speak
j. ringing in ears
k. paralysis
l. severe muscle weakness
m. blackouts
n. intolerance of bright lights
o. intolerance of alcohol
p. alteration of taste, smell, hearing
q. non-restorative sleep
r. decreased libido
s. twitching muscles ("benign fasciculations")

5. Recurrent flu-like illnesses (75%) - often with chronic sore throat.

6. Painful lymph nodes - especially on sides of neck and under the arms(60%).

7. Severe nasal and other allergies - often worsening of previous mild problems (40%).

8. Weight changes - usually gain (70%).

9. Muscle and joint aches with tender "trigger points" or Fibromyalgia(65%).

10. Abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea, intestinal gas - "irritable bowel syndrome (50%).

11. Low grade fevers or feeling hot often (70%).

12. Night sweats (40%).

13. Heart palpitations (40%).

14. Severe premenstrual syndrome - PMS (70% of women).

15. Rash of herpes simplex or shingles (20%).

16. Uncomfortable or recurrent urination - pain in prostate (20%).

17. Other symptoms:

a. rashes
b. hair loss
c. impotence
d. chest pain
e. dry eyes and mouth
f. cough
g. TMJ syndrome
h. mitral valve prolapse
i. frequent canker sores
j. cold hands and feet
k. serious rhythm disturbances of the heart
l. carpal tunnel syndrome
m. pyriform muscle syndrome causing sciatica
n. thyroid inflammation
o. various cancers (a rare occurrence)
p. periodontal (gum) disease
q. endometriosis
r. easily getting out of breath ("dyspnea on exertion")
s. symptoms worsened by extremes of temperature
t. multiple sensitivities to medicines, food and other substances


It is with regret that I learned that ill health has forced Dr. Goldstein to retire in April 2003. He will be greatly missed by his patients and those who benefited from his search for treatment and causes.




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