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Glutathione Sources

Compiled by Melissa Kaplan

The following information was compiled in the course of answering a question on Immunocal on a mailing lst.

Sites about Immunocal


Sites about N-acetyl cysteine (NAC) as an effective glutathione precursor

If you have private insurance which covers drugs, and your doctor prescribes Immunocal, it may be reimbursed by the insurance plan.

Immunocal comes in serving-sized 10gm pouches; it is to be mixed in any nonacidic liquid, applesauce, milk, cereals, etc.

Retail cost is (as of 2000) $100 for a 30 day supply (1 pouch/day). If you want to be a "distributor"/"investor", buying several boxes at once, there are some discounts available (see for one seller's price). Not only do I not like the multi-level marketing feel of some of this, I also have a problem with a site that also sells breast enhancement products along with products such as Immunocal. Then again, I don't feel the need for breast enhancement, so perhaps my take on this is different from someone who feels acutely compromised in this area...

Life sells their immunocal-equivalent, "Enhanced Life Extension Protein"; they currently have kilos (2.2 lbs) on sale or $34.20/$25.65 (non-member price/member price; LEF annual membership fee, for individuals: $75), in natural, chocolate and vanilla flavors.

LEF recommends 1-1.5 scoops a day (with their scoop being 20 grams, so 20-30 grams/day compared with Immunocal's 10 grams... So, a kilo of LEF's product is 50 days worth (at one 20 gm scoop a day) for $35 + shipping, vs Immunotec's 30 days at $100 + shipping.

I actually have been thinking of trying a colostrum/whey product, as my liver doesn't function real well and one of the key detox pathways uses a lot of glutathione. But I'm not comfortable buying Immunocal...If I had drug coverage that would pay for it, maybe, but certainly not without it.

If you are interested in the LEF product, consider buying it through "Carol's Mall" - a portion ofthe proceeds will go towards stealth virus research.

Or, you can link to LEF and other vitamin and supplement sellers linked to my Support This Site page and helps support this site!


Personal Note
A couple of years ago, I was found to have too little of the neurotransmitter epinephrine (found via one of Neuroscience's neurotransmitter test panels). My doctor recommended taking NAC to boost the norepinephrine, which in turn boosts the epinepherine. I started taking Jarrow's NAC Sustained Release capsules (one twice a day), which, upon retesting the neurotransmitters, was found to have worked quite nicely for me. I get mine from Web Vitamins.

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