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Last updated January 1, 2014

Kids and CFS/FM

Compiled by Melissa Kaplan

Students of any age who have CFS/FM/MCS can get help under the American Disabilities Act. Schools must give what support is needed: someone to take notes whether or not you can get to class, tapes made of lectures, extra time on tests, tests given in a different location to reduce distractions, changing the meeting location of the class if there is a problem with fumes, etc. in the original location, or if fumes pervade the classroom during maintenance work in the school, on the grounds, or in the neighborhood.

Colleges have (or should have) Disability Resource Centers and can help identify your or your child's needs. Testing for learning disabilities may be necessary: with CFIDS, you don't just feel stupider than when you were healthy - you ARE stupider! (I was tested as a teen, and retested after CFIDS onset: my IQ dropped almost 30 points. ) Making memories is difficult, and retriving short-term and long-term memories is often sketchy at best. Often times mental comprehension outpaces the ability to verbalize responses, so volunteering--or being called upon--in class is uncomfortable, often humiliating and frustrating. Talk to your or your child's teacher about this. Find out if there is any way to earn extra credit by doing some extra assignments to make up for any lags accounted for by reduced participation or low test scores not truely reflective of knowledge.

Youth and CFIDS
The CFIDS Association address the special problems of children with CFIDS.

Fibromyalgia in Children

CFS Information for School Nurses

Young Action Online
This UK site has lots of information about children and CFS/ME, for both parents and kids on both sides of the pond.

Guidelines for Schools: Understanding and Accommodating CFS and FM
Packet prepared and distributed by the National CFIDS Foundation.

TEACH-ME: A sourcebook for teachers of children with CFS/ME/FM
From the National ME/FM Action Network of Canada


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