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Home Environmental Test Kits

No claim or endorsement is made about any of the products or services listed below. Be sure to check with your county and state departments of public health for information on local testing and related resources.


Formaldehyde and Sick Building Syndrome
Thaddeus Godish, Ph.D., of Ball State University, Indiana, is an authority on formaldehyde and indoor air quality. His article, Indoor Air Quality Notes: Formaldehyde - Our Homes and Health, is available online. It includes symptom checklists useful in detecting sick building-related illness, including symptoms common to formaldehyde toxicity.


Environmental Testing
Several people have suggested this company and made positive comments about the testing and accuracy. Although there may be less expensive options, Air Quality Research sells a more sophisicated test for ambient air measurement of formaldehyde. The kit is like a test tube that one suspends in a room for a set time (ie 24 hours). You cap the tube and mail it to them; they then tell you the exact parts per million for the air in that sample.

American Environmental Health Foundation (AEHF)
Home test kits for carbon monoxide, mold (including Stachybotrys), dust mite, odor/VOC, water (bacteria, iron, lead, pesticide, chlorine, alkalinity, arsenic, pH), EMFs, microwave oven radiation,

Radon Detection Systems
Tests for Radon (air and water), asbestos, EMFs, formaldehyde, lead and residential underground storage tanks (RUST)


Mold & Fungi Home Test Kits
* = tests for other substances
# = test kits may be available at your local home builder stores
More information on Mold *
Digital Diagnostic Systems
ProLab Mold Test Kit also *#
Abbey Lane Laboratories Home Test Kits *
Air Quality Sciences, Inc. *
Flappan Consulting, Inc. (MOLDetect™)
Microbial Environment, Inc. Mold Spore; Stachybotrys
Moldlab *
Pure Air Control Services Inc.* *#

Find Local Mold Testing Companies
AeroTechLabs IAQ Experts
BBJ Environmental Solutions
Certified Mold Inspectors
Digital Diagnostics Directory of Mold Inspectors
Restoration Environmental Contractors of Canada
StartRemodeling.Com Database

To find additional home, commercial and school testing resources, use different search engines, such as Google and Teoma.




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