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Curly-Tailed Lizards


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These members of the family Tropiduridae (subfamily Leiocephalinae) originate in the Antilles, ranging from from Cuba to Trinidad. There are presently 28 species, including:

L. carinatus. Cuban curly-tail. Cuba. Rocky deserts, often close to shore. To 25 cm (10"). Very large scales. The distinctive black-and-white tail is rolled vertically up and down when excited.

L. personatus. Masked curly-tail. Haiti, Several subspecies. Sandy beaches to open forests. 25 cm (10"). Males attractively colored; highly variable. Whips its reddish tail when disturbed.

L. schreibersi. Red-sided curly-tail. Haiti. Dry, hot habitats. 22 cm (8-9") Distinct lateral fold.

The lizards are typically found in open forests, rocky steppes, and on sandy beaches. In size, the species range from 15-35 cm (6-14"). Strongly built, with tail longer than snout-vent length. Dorsal scales are large, shingled, and strongly keeled. They may have dorsal and caudal crests.

Tail may be whipped or curled up when excited.

Diurnal, oviparous ground-dwellers that feed mainly on arthropods.

Night temps should not drop below 20 C (68 F).

Care as for Leiolepis (butterfly agama).

Obst, F. et al. Completely Illustrated Atlas of Reptiles and Amphibians. TFH Publ, 1988.

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