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Iguanas for DUMMIES ®
by Melissa Kaplan
IDG Books Worldwide. August 2000
Wiley Publishing Inc.

354 pages; Photos and illustrations
ISBN 0-7645-5260-0
List: $19.99

First Printing, August 2000

Last update: 09/18/00

Readers Comments:

"Woohoo, I received my book this weekend and can hardly put it down." G.S.

In proofing the actual book, some typographical and other errors were found despite several of us working very hard to make sure they didn't occur. Most do not materially affect my intended meaning. The bold headings below indicate where the original text is found; the intended text below is the corrected text. I will update this as I go through the book. The Errata is also available in PDF format for easy printing.

Entries marked with an * indicate that the printed version currently differs significantly from the intended version.

"I haven't even begun to get through it yet, but it looks very informative. The layout is nice and clear, which is really an essential if a new ig owner is going to perservere and find out everything they need." A.M.


The Luv Sock is described in Chapter 24.

Publisher's Acknowledgements

The Technical Editor's got married before the book went to press; her new name is Bonnie J. Keller.


Table of Contents

Minor pagination errors

Chapter 1, Page 11

The chart should have the following labels, reading from left to right across the five silhouettes:






Chapter 4, Page 40

"An enclosure or space at east..." should read "An enclosure or space at least..."

Chapter 6, Page 58

"...razor-sharp dorsal crest..." should read "...razor-sharp caudal crest..."

Chapter 7, Page 73-74, "Social Communication"

"...three-dimensional space (where they're in vertical space..." should be "...three-dimensional space (where they are in vertical space..."


Chapter 8

Page 85, Table 8-1

Minimum dimensions for the 8-10" SVL length should read 3.5 x 1.2 x 2.3

Page 91 "Tip"

"Make sure you use a fixture rated the wattage" should read "Make sure you use a fixture rated for the wattage"

Page 92, "Ultraviolet light" *

"These Zoo Med lights are identical to the Durotest light except for the packaging" should read "The two Zoo Med lights are identical to each other except for the packaging."

Chapter 9, Page 104 "Putting Up the Fluorescent Lights" *

"...keep their metabolism working properly." should read "...keep their calcium metabolism working properly."

Chapter 11, Page 122 "Up Front"

"...Velcro helps provide a secure footing." should read "...Velcro helps provide a secure footing on the dashboard."

Chapter 12

Page 137, "Sleeping in water"

"...getting rid of the mites (see Chapter 21)." should be "...getting rid of the mites (see Chapter 22)."

Page 138, "Jargon Alert" *

"...directly through mouth-to-feces contact..." should read "...directly through feces-to-mouth contact..."



Chapter 13, Page 148, "Fruit" *

"Other fruits...are very high in calcium." should read "Other fruits...are very high in calcium oxalate."

Chapter 19, Page 205

"...staring at your iguana...has lead..." should be "...staring at your iguana...has led..."

Chapter 21, Page 225, "Hypercalcemia" *

"...at this time means that she not only has enough calcium to keep her own body strong and healthy but also has enough for the..." should read "...at this time means that she does not have enough calcium to keep her own body strong and healthy nor enough for the..."

Chapter 22, Page 240

"...zipper type of bag..." should read "...zipper type of plastic bag..."

Chapter 24, Facing Page 248

"...not only entered her breeding, but..." should be "...not only entered her breeding season, but..."

Appendix A

Bleeding Heart should read "Entire plant, bulbs"

Bluebonnets should include Liptinus subcarnosis; Leaves and seeds are toxic

Elephant's Ear is also called Taro

Jimsom Weed is synonomous with Gypsum Weed

Meadow should read Meadow Saffron

Sacahuista should read "HEP" only*

Sweet Cassave should read "Cynide: root is safe only when cooked"*

Appendix C, "A Video"

The video is available in the United States through Critter Corner, 1-800-HERP-NUT (1-800-437-7688) *

Appendix D

Page 333

The email address is info@internetplasticnet.com. They now have a website at http://www.internetplasticnet.com/

Stromberg's Chicks now has a website at http://www.strombergschickens.com/

Page 337

"...now housed at Onelist.com..." should read "now housed at Egroups.com..."

General Correction Throughout Book

All occurences of Salmonella and other organisms, should be capitalized and italicized.

Color Insert, Top Caption facing page 191:

"banded iguana is on..." should read "banded iguana is one..."

Iguanas for Dummies, by Melissa Kaplan.  Published by IDG Books Worldwide.




Iguanas for Dummies ®
by Melissa Kaplan
Published by
IDG Books/Wiley Publishing, Inc.
909 Third Avenue
New York NY
ISBN# 0764552600
August 2000

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