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Table of Contents

Reviewers' Comments


Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Is an Iguana the Pet for You?

Chapter 2

Picking an Iguana

Chapter 3

Bringing Home Baby

Chapter 4

If One Iguana Is Good, Are More Better?

Chapter 5 

Cat-ig-orizing Iguanas

Chapter 6

Iguana Anatomy

Chapter 7

The Inner Iguana: Why Iguanas Do What They Do

Chapter 8

Basic Supplies

Chapter 9

Furnishing the Iguana Home

Chapter 10 

Keeping Your Iguana Comfortable

Chapter 11

The Great Outdoors

Chapter 12

Cleaning and Caring for Your Iguana

Chapter 13

The Good, the Bad, and the Processed (Nutritional Requirements)

Chapter 14 

Brunch Is Served

Chapter 15

"But Iguana Go with You!" (What to Do When You're Going Away)

Chapter 16

Gettin' Iggy with It

Chapter 17

No, They Don't Get Tame All by Themselves

Chapter 18

Integrating Iguanas into Your Life

Chapter 19 

Healthy Is As Healthy Does

Chapter 20

Common Injuries: What to Look for and How to Treat Them

Chapter 21

Common Diseases and Disorders

Chapter 22

Dealing with Reptile Mites

Chapter 23

Human Health Concerns

Chapter 24

Caught in the Act

Chapter 25

Eggs, Eggs, and More Eggs

Chapter 26

Ten Plant Identification and Nutrition Web Sites

Chapter 27 

Ten Suggestions for Socializing Your Iguana

Chapter 28

Ten Reasons to See a Veterinarian



Reviewers' Comments

"Melissa's trademark combination of research and humor is a recipe for happier, healthier iguanas and iguana owners. Her extensive experience with and fondness for these complex creatures is everywhere evident."

Sue L. Solomon, Wildlife Rehabilitator, Reptile Rescue, Educator

"As a scientist, I am impressed by the depth of its research. As a pet owner, I am impressed by the practical knowledge this book displays. As a writer, I am impressed by this book's clarity. It is fun to read, loaded with clear information, and packed with extremely perceptive advice."

Kathryn W. Tosney, Ph.D. Professor of Biology, The University of Michigan

"Kaplan understands the complex biology and natural history of iguanas as well as anyone I know. Kaplan covers iguanas in captivity in a style that is concise, comprehensive, accurate, and focused on common issues seen by iguana owners. If you get only one book on iguanas as pets, this is the one to choose."

Stephen L. Barten, DVM; herpetological veterinarian, speaker, author

"With humor, intelligence and an astounding eye for detail, Melissa Kaplan urges her readers to 'do right by your iguana.' So much more than a simple 'care' book, Iguanas for Dummies is a blueprint for compassionate and responsible ownership."

Tracy Basile, Features Editor, ASPCA Animal Watch, free-lance author

"The book that you have in your hands is a testimony to the years of dedicated work and experience that have made Melissa Kaplan a widely recognized expert on the captive care of iguanas. "

Excerpt from the IFD Forward by William K. Hayes, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Biology, Loma Linda University, Loma Linda, California


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