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Fire Safety Information Resources

Compiled by Melissa Kaplan


Every year, homeowners, renters, businesses and schools lose property - and lives - due to electrical fires that should never have happened.

Herpers are particularly susceptible to fires for several reasons:

  • they plug far too many pieces of equipment into outlets not rated to handle the amount of wattage demanded;

  • they "octopus" power strips and extension cords together making a confusing mess visually and physically for anyone trying to figure out what goes to what, let alone figure out how much power each strip and cord is drawing and whether they can safely handle the load

  • they fail to pay attention to fraying cords;

  • they cobble together entire enclosures or tops for commercial enclosures without properly safeguarding either the equipment perched on top or hanging precariously inside, within reach of a bored or frustrated reptile.

I've lost a home to fire - the structure still stood, but the contents, and the pets inside at the time, were destroyed by the heavy, toxic smoke that roiled from floor to ceiling in all the rooms not directly affected by the flames. It isn't fun, not on any level. A devastating time at any time, things aren't made any easier when you know that your pets died. In our case, what happened wasn't our fault - the fire was not caused by any careless attention on our part. How much worse the whole ordeal would have had it been our fault...

So, take time to make sure your family - human and otherwise - are safe from fire. The following websites all have information on preventing electrical fires and/or fires in general.

Read the information.

Make the changes necessary to protect everyone and everything.

Make disaster response plans before you need them and drill your family on what to do if disaster strikes.


Safety Sites

Electrical Safety In Homes

Electrical Safety For Kids' Sake

FEMA Fire Safety & Education

National Fire Protection Association

University of Wisconsin - Fire Safety

FEMA Disaster Preparation & Prevention

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