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Terrorist Iguanas!

News from the North Bay, April 1994, North Bay Herpetological Society


Diane Lee of the Reptile & Amphibian Network (RARN) in Los Angeles related an incident that, as unlikely (and hilarious) as it seems, is all too true--something any animal control officer can attest to.

It seems the bomb squad was called in to tackle a pipe bomb found in someone's garage. Upon arriving at the scene and accessing the situations, the officers spotted two huge, fierce, dangerous "dragon-like" beasts guarding the bomb. Refusing to go in until the situation was, ah, defused, the police did the only thing they could - called for a Los Angeles animal control officer.

The unprotected animal control officer entered the garage and removed the two monstrous creatures--a couple of 2-3 foot iguanas.

Once the animal control officer had the igs removed from the garage, the squad went in and defused the bomb.

Somewhere, in their little green reptilian minds, the iguanas must have enjoyed the whole thing...

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