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Reptile Herpesvirus Citations

Compiled by Melissa Kaplan


Reptiles other than Sea Turtles

Integrating reptilian herpesviruses into the family herpesviridae. J Virol 79[2]:725-31 2005 Jan

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Sea Turtles

Genomic variation of the fibropapilloma-associated marine turtle herpesvirus across seven geographic areas and three host species.
J Virol 79[2]:1125-32 2005 Jan

Tumor outbreaks in marine turtles are not due to recent herpesvirus mutations. Curr Biol 14[17]:R697-9 2004 Sep 7

The Ozobranchus leech is a candidate mechanical vector for the fibropapilloma-associated turtle herpesvirus found latently infecting skin tumors on Hawaiian green turtles (Chelonia mydas). Virology 321[1]:101-10 2004 Mar 30

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RT-PCR detection of the expression of the polymerase gene of a novel reptilian herpesvirus in tumor tissues of green turtles with fibropapilloma.
Arch Virol 148[6]:1155-63 2003 Jun

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Rapid acquisition of entire DNA polymerase gene of a novel herpesvirus from green turtle fibropapilloma by a genomic walking technique. J Virol Methods 91[2]:183-95 2001 Feb

Persistent infectivity of a disease-associated herpesvirus in green turtles after exposure to seawater. J Wildl Dis 36[4]:792-7 2000 Oct Full Text

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