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People are interested in anatomical pictures and diagrams for a number of reasons: general interest, school reports, and trying to understand the implications of captive care issues and what the veterinarian has said top the list. Unfortunately, finding what you are looking for isn't always that easy. Public libraries rarely have the resources, and there may not be a university library or veterinary medical school library near you. There is, to date, no web resource with full anatomical information and illustration for the green iguana. The following resources may be available to you, however, if you look for them.

Veterinary Books

Laboratory Anatomy of the Iguana
by Jonathan C. Oldman and Hobart M. Smith. 1975. William C. Brown Company. ISBN 0-697-04618-4. This long out-of-print book is difficult to find. Occasionally, copies may be found through some of the herp booksellers, or you may be able to find one when herpers sell or auction off their book collections.

Many of the available veterinary medicine books, including those on radiography and internal medicine, have diagrams or photographs of x-ray films as illustrations. Contact your local reptile or exotics vets to see if they have such books and ask if you can make photocopies of them. Some books include:

Reptile Medicine and Surgery. Douglas R. Mader, DVM, editor. 1996. W.B. Saunders.
Zoo and Wild Animal Medicine. Murray Fowler, DVM, editor. 1998. W.B. Saunders.
Biology, Husbandry and Medicine of the Green Iguana. Elliot Jacobson, DVM. 2001, in press.


Anatomy Online

Minnesota Herp Society Iguana Anatomy
These photos are from necropsies performed by veterinarians.

Abdominal cavity; eggs; testes; hemipenes.

Photo of female iguana yolk scar and spay scar

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