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LuvSocks for Male Green Iguanas

Compiled by Melissa Kaplan


Jamie Wang developed this "toy" for males in the throes of breeding season. Their use of this or other surrogates helps a male harmlessly relieve much of the frustrations and aggressions of the season for this polygynous species. It also gives them a target other than their female keepers on which to vent their energies. Individual male iguana preferences can vary. Iguana keepers have reported the following as the objects of their iguanas' passion: baseball gloves, inflatable alligator pool toys, stuffed plush animals, pillows, blankets, shirts, and jackets. In other words, pretty much whatever can be grabbed, straddled and dragged around. )

LuvSocks also makes a nice pillow for iguanas to sleep on...though you may want to first wash the sock cover after breeding season.


Making A LuvSock
by Jamie Wang

What You Will Need

Two large men's socks (dark green seems to be preferred)
Uncooked rice
Thread/needle/sewing machine

Place one sock inside the other sock, so they are double-layer thickness. Fill the sock with the rice. Don't fill it all the way full, but leave enough room so it is pliable, squishy, and has some give to it. Sew the opening several times with strong thread, so it won't rip easily or come unraveled. Place in microwave just long enough warm up.


Use caution when heating, as microwaves can get things too warm and can lead to thermal burns. If you make that it is comfortably warm to the touch and no warmer, then it's fine. Also, keep an eye on your iguana while he uses the LuvSock, as sometimes males get a little over-enthusiastic and may rip the sock. Uncooked rice, if swallowed, may lead to impaction. I've never had any trouble with the microwaving or the rice, but it definitely pays to be cautious. It seems the heat is what holds most of the appeal for the iguanas, because my boys move on when it cools off.


LuvSock Photos
To get an idea of what one ig keeper did to help his iguana through breeding season, see Steve Woodward's version of the LuvSock. If you have a photo of your iguana's LuvSock you'd like others to see, please email the .jpg or .gif file to me and let me know how you'd like it credited.

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