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Species Care
Nile Monitors (V. nilotictus) - Baumann
Savannah Monitors (V. exanthematicus) - Kaplan
Zimbabwe Rock Monitors (V. albigularis) - Zupich


Varanid Sites
Daniel Bennett's Monitor Lizards
Eric Pianka's Pygmy and Desert Monitors
Ardi Martin's Nile Monitor Care's Australian Herp Links's Monitor Species List (many photo links)


Special Concerns

Michael Balsai on the Savannah Monitor Diet
by Melissa Kaplan. While this article discusses the inherent problems of the diet recommendations that were recently published in a herp magazine, it is also a good illustration of the problem with reading only herp magazines for herp care information, and why gathering as much information as possible about the wild habits of species are important to issues related to their captive care and health.

Daniel Bennett's "Misunderstanding The Savannah Monitor"
by Daniel Bennet. Bennet was frequently misquoted or otherwise misinterpreted in the D.H. Good article in Reptiles magazine in February 1998. Since the magazine would not publish his corrections, Bennet has made the corrections available at his website.

TIGR Reptile Database: Varanidae

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