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Petco Conference Call

Don Cowan Recap of the August 7 1997 Conference Call


Conference Attendees: Melissa Kaplan; George Richard, President, MHS; Don Cowan, Communications, Petco; Craig Parsons, Animal Acquisition, Petco; John Benjamin, Product Acquisition, Petco; Donna Moore, Petco; Jan Mitchell, Petco


To: Melissa Kaplan; George Richard
From: Don Cowan
Date: August 8, 1997
Re: Conference Call Recap
cc: Jan Mitchell; Craig Parsons; John Benjamin; Donna Moore

This is a brief recap of our August 7 conference call. If you have questions, please give me or Craig Parsons a call.

I will break down the subjects into the following:

Wholesaler influence
Product mix
Next steps

Wholesaler Influence
Melissa suggested that we can exert significant influence on wholesalers with respect to healthy, properly identified animals. Any specific suggestions will be provided to Craig.

Product Mix
Certain products such as hot rocks are not appropriate for iguanas, Melissa said. Again, if there are specific suggestions about products, those should be directed to Craig. He mentioned that the company is currently reviewing reptile sales and merchandising, including a test that involves a different live animal product assortment. Questions about this should be directed to Craig.

There was general agreement that additional education, particularly for consumers, would be helpful. Melissa committed to sending information to Craig.

PETCO promotes companion animal adoptions in its stores, including advertising at its expense to encourage interested parties to visit the stores on adoption days. Advertising done by partner adoption agencies is done at their discretion and expense. The point is that PETCO also promotes adoption days at its expense.

Next Steps
Melissa is to send several things to Craig as follow up to the conversation. Additional product and merchandising questions, as noted previously, should also be directed to Craig. All other issues can be directed to me.

Obviously, this does not cover all the conversation, but I believe covers the major topics and action steps. If you have questions, please call or e-mail.

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