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Enclosure Materials Suppliers

Some people have difficulty locating hardware cloth [grillage fin, tamiz de malla pequeña], sometimes called welded wire fabric, used in fencing and concrete reinforcement and safety devices.

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The following are some suppliers I (and others) found just by doing a search on the Internet using these keyword phrases: vinyl coated hardware cloth; woven wire mesh, hardware cloth.

Hardware Cloth / Welded Wire Fabric Suppliers
As with the common names of animals, sometimes the common names of products are confusing. Unfortunately, where animals have one genus and species name no matter how many common names the particular species may have, we aren't so lucky when it comes to products. So:

Chicken wire, AKA poultry netting: not suitable for herp enclosures, indoors or out. Chicken Wire/Poultry Wire/Poultry Netting is a 20 gauge wire hexagon mesh.

Hardware cloth, AKA woven wire, AKA a number of other names, is suitable for indoor ventilation panels and outdoor enclosures.  The plastic-coated forms are even better. Hardware cloth (aka a variety of names that indicated woven or welded mesh, wire, cloth) is is woven like cloth, with the wires going over and under (warp and weft), so the openings are distinctly square or rectangular, depending on the gauge (1/8" x 1/8", 1/4" x 1/4"...1" x 2", etc.). It has a selvage at both sides.

Admiral Steel Building Products - Has plain and epoxy-coated mesh; also carries Visqueen

Anchor Fences Wholesalers of Miami - Order a product catalog online

Argus Steel Products

Benner's Gardens - See their Rabbit/Groundhog Barrier

Camden Industrial Supply - Has plain and plastic-coated 1/4" cloth, and plain cloth in other sizes

Davis Wire

International Wire Weavers Association - All right, I confess: I put them here mainly because their site plays the theme from Gilligan's Island and it was fun to listen to while I did this page.

Jackson Wire International - Has plain and vinyl-coated mesh and folding pet cages

TWP Inc. - Has woven wire mesh and hardware cloth


Rigid Plastic Mesh

United States:
InterNet, Inc.
7300 49th Ave. N.
Minneapolis MN 55428

Used to easily (well, relatively easily) construct a frame.

Starplate Connectors (see the one at Jen Swofford's site)
Stromberg's Chicks and Gamebirds
PO Box 400
Pine River, MN USA 56474-0400
800-720-1134, 218-587-2222

Avon Electric
New Zealand
0800 379 247 (New Zealand only)
+64-3-381-5595 (International Orders)
Email enquiries

Rectangular Connectors
Plow and Hearth
POB 6000
Madison VA 22727


Wire Aviaries/Enclosures
Swelland's Cage & Supply Co.
POB 1619
Ramona CA 92065
(760) 789-3572; Fax: 789- 2994
Orders: 800-662-2089 

C & D Pet Products
6 ft x 6 ft Cat Enclosure Kit
405 East D Street
Petaluma, CA 94952
707-763-1654; 888-554-7387

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