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Drug Dosing and Routes of Administration

Melissa Kaplan, 1995


Terms you are likely to encounter when reading and talking with other herp owners or to your vet.

ac ante cibum before meals
BID, bid twice a day
cap capsule
cc cubic centimeter (same as millilitre)
gt gutta drop
hs hora somni at bedtime
IC intracoelomic (in the abdominal cavity); the best place to inject large quantities of rehydration fluids to ensure faster absorption and prevent the pain and tissue damage association with large quantities of fluids injected subcutaneously
IM intramuscular
IP interperitoneal (in the abdominal cavity); same as IC (intracoelomic)
mcg microgram
ml milliliter (same as cubic centimeter)
npo nothing by mouth
od oculus dexter right eye
os oculus sinister left eye
pc post cibum after meals
PO per os (by mouth)
prn pro re nata as needed
q quaque every (ex: bid q4d = twice a day for four days; q3h = every 3 hours)
qd quaque die every day
QID, qid quater in die four times a day
SQ, Sub-Q subcutaneous (also SC or SubQ or subq)
tab tablet
TID, tid ter un die three times a day
ud as directed



Liquid medications are measured in milliliters (ml) or cubic centiliters (cc), with syringes marked accordingly; while measured differently, they equal the same amount of fluid. Markings on sy ringes will vary depending on the total volume of the syringe. Syringes typically used in small animal and reptile care are 1cc, 3cc, 6cc, 12cc, 35cc, and 60cc.

Injectible medications should not be given by mouth unless specifically directed to by the veterinarian.

Keep a record of the medications your vet uses to treat your herps, whether administered in the vets office or given to you to administer at home. If you can't read the vet's writing, ask for clarification. Keep track of the drug name, strength, and dose (amount administered each time and how often it is to be administered).

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