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Nutrition Composition of Edible Ornamental PlantsTitle

Compiled by Melissa Kaplan, 1999




As I come across this information, I will post it here. If you want to do a little digging on your own, head to Plants For A Future, choosing either the US or UK sites, and search by common or botanical name.

Hibiscus rosa-sinensis (Chinese hibiscus; shoebankplant; Hibiscus)

Flowers (Fresh weight)
Water: 89.8 Protein: 0.06 Fat: 0.4 Fibre: 1.56 Calcium: 4 Phosphorus: 27 Iron: 1.7 Thiamine: 0.03 Riboflavin: 0.05 Niacin: 0.6 Vitamin C: 4.2 Source: [218]

Fruit (Dry weight)
Water: 0 Calories: 353 Protein: 3.9 Fat: 3.9 Carbohydrate: 86.3 Fibre: 15.7 Ash: 5.9 Calcium: 39 Phosphorus: 265 Iron: 17 Thiamine: 0.29 Riboflavin: 0.49 Niacin: 5.9 Vitamin C: 39 Source: [218]

Leaves (Dry weight)
Water: 0 Protein: 15.4 Fat: 3.5 Carbohydrate: 69.7 Fibre: 15.5 Ash: 11.4 Calcium: 1670 Phosphorus: 520 Source: [218]


Nasturtium officinale (Watercress, not ornamental nasturtium [Tropaeolum majus and T. minus])

Leaves (Fresh weight)
Water: 93.3 Calories: 19 Protein: 2.2 Fat: 0.3 Carbohydrate: 3 Fibre: 0.69999 Ash: 1.2 Calcium: 151 Phosphorus: 54 Iron: 1.7 Sodium: 52 Potassium: 282 Vitamin A: 2940 Thiamine: 0.07999 Riboflavin: 0.15999 Niacin: 0.89999 Vitamin C: 79 Source: [218]


Reference # Citation
Duke. J. A. and Ayensu. E. S. Medicinal Plants of China Reference Publications, Inc. 1985. ISBN 0-917256-20-4

 Information and references from Plants for a Future database.

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