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Please Read This Before Joining A List...
Mailing lists and private discussion groups are conducted by email. When you "subscribe" to a list, you are adding your name to the distribution list. Once you are added, you will get copies of everything everyone else posts to the list, and your questions and contributions will in turn be seen by every person on the distribution list for that list or group. Depending upon how the listowner has structured it, you may receive one email for every post posted to the list, or a daily digest, which combines all the posts for the day into a single file. Some lists may not get a lot of traffic so you may only get mail sporadically, or a digest once a week or two, or once month.

When your subscription request to an online mailing list operated by a LISTSERV or MAJORDOMO goes through, you will receive an automated response from the computer server welcoming you to the list and outlining any protocols or other information you need to know about the list. Please note: if you do not format your subscription request exactly as described below, your mail will be rejected by the automated system. Don't bother writing back to find out why it didn't accept it - it won't tell you. Check the information below to make sure you have done it right. If it still doesn't work, sent a letter to, which should deliver your inquiry to the person who owns or manages the list. If you find that any of the information at my page is out of date due to changes made to the lists or by the list owner, please let me know what they are so that I may update them for other users.

When you get the welcoming letter, read it! It will include information about how to unsubscribe from the list, how to subscribe to a digest form of the list, if one is available, and where any archives of old postings may be stored. It may also refer you to websites or FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions) to read if you are seeking basic information about animal care or other subject matter related to the list. Please do read this information if that is part of what you are looking for...some lists have hundreds of people, and they do get tired of their mailboxes filling up with "Hi! I just got a [species]! What do I feed it and anybody got any tips for caring for it aren't they cool! Write back!!!" mailings from new subscribers.

Please save this welcoming confirmation. Either create an online file folder somewhere, or print it out and stick it in a file where it is easily retrievable. If you change your email address, or go on vacation, or otherwise will not be able to get to your mail for awhile, unsubscribe from the list. When your mailbox gets full, it really irritates your server and mail from the mailing list may get bounced back to every single person on the me: it's not a lot of fun having 500 people around the world really mad at you. It's very easy to unsubscribe when you need to, then subscribe once again when you have your new email address or are back from vacation. If you have a question as to how to do this, or it doesn't seem to be working, don't send a letter to the whole mailing list. Each welcoming confirmation will have the email address for the list owner or moderator; email them directly when you have administrative questions.

Mailing lists and discussion groups may be subscribed to by people from around the world. So please: be patient with spelling errors and unique grammatical constructions. The following lists are all in English. Please respect and assist those for whom English may be a second, third, fourth or even fifth language. ( I knew I shoulda kept up my French, Spanish and Hebrew!)

To read more on the do's and don'ts of requesting information and help on lists and via email, please read Requesting help by email and newsgroups/listservs and Researching Herp Information.

Note: when you see brackets ( [ and ] ) in the instructions below, they are there simply to identify the name or names you are to enter into your subscription request. You should not type any brackets in your request, nor any other words or symbols. Requests are processed automatically by a computer and if what you type doesn't match what it expects, it will either bounce it back to you as unprocessable or just disappear it into the dark, cold reaches of cyberspace...


Herpetoculture (Captive Care & Reproduction)
Miscellaneous Herp-Related Lists

Herpetology & Conservation
Herp Conservation
Scientific Discussion Lists for Herps/Arachnids

Other list-finding resources
Yahoo! Groups
Yahoo's Internet Mailing Lists

Herp Newsgroups
rec.pets.herp: This newsgroup is for people who keep, or are thinking of keeping, reptiles and amphibians in captivity. Participants talk about everything from captive care to housing, health, behavior, acquisition, education, and more. For more information about the list and what it covers, be sure to read the online FAQ. This group addresses natural history, systemics, and the various arcana of herps in the field, academia and research. It is NOT for posting questions about pet care or where to get pets. For more information, email HERP-L moderator Sean J. Barry and ask for a copy of the HERP-L/sbh FAQ.

alt.chameleon: This group is dedicated to the discussion of all true chameleons (Bradypodion, Brookesia, Calumma, Chamaeleo, Furcifer, and Rhampholeon), not Anolis.

Not all news services or Internet service providers carry all newsgroups, so use your newsgroup reader program (such as Outlook Express, AOL, etc.) to search for all the rec.pets,, and alt groups the service offers its users.




Dendrobates/Frognet To subscribe to the list send email to: with a body containing: SUBSCRIBE frognet



Arachnids To subscribe to the list, send mail to: with a body containing: subscribe arachnid "Your Full Name" <Your@email.address>. Note: put your full name inside quotation marks, and your email address inside of the brackets.



Turtle Homes This coalition of turtle and tortoise groups around the world has a variety of chelonian-related email lists.

Turtle & Tortoise To subscribe, send an email to: with the body of the message containing: subscribe turtle-l (that is a lower case L).



Anoles To subscribe to the list, send email to: with a BODY containing: subscribe anolelist

Anole Discussion List Subscribe to this one through its Yahoo!Groups website.

Bearded Dragon (Pogona) Subscribe to this one through its Yahoo!Groups website.

Chameleons To subscribe to the Chamelon Listserv, follow the instructions at or send email to the listmaster.

Iguanas Subscribe to this one through its Yahoo!Groups website.

Monitors/Tegus Varanus, Argus Monitors: Subscribe to these through their Yahoo!Groups websites.

Sudan Plated Lizards Subscribe to this one through its Yahoo!Groups website.

Uromastyx To subscribe, send an e-mail to: with the BODY containing: subscribe uromastyx

Uroplatus (Madagascar Leaf-tailed Geckos) To subscribe, send email to: with a BODY containing: subscribe uroplatus

Water Dragons



Slither To subscribe to the list send email to: with a body containing: subscribe Slither

Pythons of Oz Subscribe to this one through its Yahoo!Groups website

Rear-Fanged List For discussions of natural history and husbandry of rearfanged snakes.


Scientific Discussion Lists

Amphibian Monitoring Program (AMP) This list discusses the design, implementation and findings of regional and national (U.S.) amphibian monitoring programs being instituted due to the worldwide decline in amphibians. with a body containing: subscribe AMP [Your Name]

AmphibianDecline To subscribe to the list send email to: with a body containing: AMPHIBIANDECLINE [Your Full Name]

Anuran Behavior/Neural Mechanisms (Frog-Net) Not to be confused with the herpetocultural "Dendrobates/Frognet" list. Send an email to with a body containing: subscribe frog-net your name

Arachnology This list discusses the biology of arachnids, not their care and keeping. To subscribe to the list, send email to: with a body containing: subscribe arachnology

C-Turtle This list addresses biology and conservation issues related to sea turtles worldwide. with a body containing: subscribe CTURTLE [Your Name]

Crocodilians CROCLIST or send an email to LISTSERV@LISTSERV.ALGONET.SE with the body containing: SUBSCRIBE CROCLIST

HERP-L For discussion of the biology and ecology of reptiles and amphibians NOT pet care or acquisition. There is an informative FAQ available that discusses HERP-L and the newsgroup, available by email by writing to listdad Sean Barry at subscribe to HERP-L, send email to: with the message subscribe herp-l Your Name. IMPORTANT: Leave the subject line of your email blank, and do not capitalize herp-l. The automated computer system ignores subscribe requests unless those rules are followed.

VENOM-L Discusses biological and medical aspects of venom. To subscribe, send a blank email to


Herp Conservation Discussions

Herpconserv (Reptile and Amphibian Conservation) To subscribe, send an e-mail to with the BODY containing: subscribe HERPCONSERV [your full name]

African Herpetofaunal Biodiversity Program (AFRIHERP-L) To subscribe, send a message to: with the BODY containing: subscribe afriherp-l [your full name]


Miscellaneous Herp-Related Lists

Reptile Cage Builders Subscribe through its Yahoo!Groups website


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Requesting help by email, newsgroups and listservs

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