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Last updated January 1, 2014

Harmful & Toxic Plants

These plants are in addition to those found in Susan Barnard's Harmful & Poisonous Plants listing.

Compiled by Melissa Kaplan


The following plants have been found on other toxic plant lists or I have found them referred to in various types of literature. I myself will not permit my herbivores to eat them.



CAPSICUM spp. Peppers, Sweet Peppers, Bell Peppers. Leaves contain solamin and atropine.

CHRYSANTHEMUM. These are the plants from which the pesticide pyrethrin is extracted.

CRASSULA ARGENTEA Jade Plant. Mildly toxic; dermatitis from sap1.

JADE PLANT Crassula argentea. Mildly toxic; dermatitis from sap1.

RUBBER PLANT Ficus elastica. Dermatitis from sap1.

FICUS ELASTICA Rubber plant. Dermatitis from sap1.



1. University of California, Davis

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