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Translations of Melissa Kaplan's Iguana and Herp Care Articles

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Through the years, iguana and other herp keepers from around the world have asked my permission to translate some of my articles into their own language to help herp keepers in their countries better keep those species. Once they have complete the translations and put them up at their websites, they let me know the URL for those pages.

Two important notes:

  • I do not speak the languages into which my articles have been translated so have no way of really verifying the accuracy of the information translated.
  • The translated versions of articles may not represent the most current English version of the article at my site as I make additions and changes through the years. In the case of translations of my Iguana Care, Feeding and Socialization (ICFS) article, the translations generally reflect the 1995-1999 versions, not the most recent major revisions I made in July 2002 (contained in the 75 page PDF file at my ICFS page).


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Iguana Care Translations
Herp Care Translations
Foreign Language Iguana Articles by Other Authors
Online Translation Sites


Iguana Care Translations
The article names in italics had been translated and housed at the translators' sites on the Web, but the URLs have changed and I haven't been able to locate them. If you come across them, please let me know. If you can translate the articles, please let me know that, too.

Iguana Care, Feeding & Socialization
Individual Iguana & Herp related articles translated by Wang Lui Kai (Jerry Wang)

Iguana Care, Feeding & Socialization

Iguana Care, Feeding & Socialization

Iguana Care, Feeding & Socialization

Iguana Care, Feeding & Socialization and more

Iguana Care
Several articles are already available; the Iguana Care, Feeding & Socialization is in progress.


Iguana Verde Gigante Colección de Información

Melissa Kaplan´s skötselråd för Gröna Leguaner, translated by Camilla Johansson
Melissa Kaplan's skötselråd för Gröna Leguaner, translated by Hans Norling


Foreign Language Iguana Articles by Other Authors

Julie Chamberlain's Iguana Care

Akira Yamanouchi's Iguana Care




Herp Care Translations

Articles on Geoemyda spengleri (Vietnamese leaf turtle) translated by Hajime Iwao
If anyone knows where this article/site currently resides, please let me know.

Snakes: Some of Lukasz Wysocki's content is based on my articles

Caring for Corn Snakes [Majssnok - (Elaphe guttata guttata)], translated by Dennis Nilsson


Online Translator Sites
Some intrepid souls have made translations of some of my articles and put them up at their sites. As I find out about them, I put links to them here on my Translations page, in the sections above.

There are some websites that will translate web documents for you. You may still need to ask some questions, and the translator is likely to stumble over medical and biology terminology (as well as colloquial words like "poop"), but they should give you a good head start. Some online web page translators include:

AltaVista's Babelfish
Google's Language Tools
Systran Online Translation

There are also word translators, such as (formerly DictSearch), TravLang and Google's Language Tools.

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