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Societies and Rescues

The Netherlands



Dutch Herpetological Society (Lacerta)
P.O. Box 84
NL-2630 AB Nootdorp
The Netherlands

European Snake Society
Astrid Gomes
Anton van Woerkom)
Pauwenveld 18
De Zoetermeer 2727
Publishes Litteratura Serpentium

Tilburgse Terrariumvereniging
IJskelderstraat 3
5046 MK Tilburg
(013) 5430615

Nederlandse Schildpadden Vereniging
(Dutch Turtle & Tortoise Society)
Publishes the bi-monthly journal, Der Schildpad

Nijvergouw 27
1352 CC, Almere
Tel. 0031 36-5361243; Fax 0031 842-117580


Rescues - Iguanas

Esther Fool
010-2623498 - after 6 p.m. CET
Also provides information on captive care to other iguana keepers.


Rescues - Herps

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