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Last updated January 1, 2014

Herp Veterinarians


* = Recommended by herp keepers


Zahi Aizenberg, Ariela Rosenzwig, Inbar Sever-Choen, Limor Miara, Oren Ulman
Kol-Hai Veterinary Clinic
37 Binyamin St.

Gil Bluman
Bat Chen
Bitan Aharon

Naor Catalan
Angels Veterinary Center for Small and Exotic Animals
Hapalmach 40a St.
Emergency (all day long): 050-6373791

Shlomit Levy
Hasharon Veterinary Center & Bird Clinic
240 Ahuza St.
09-7748753, 09-7742824
Emergencies: 03-6750750 manui 96060

Amir Maurer
Companion and Exotic Animal Veterinary Center
16 Shaaltiel St

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