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Human Health-Related Information

The following articles, while not about reptiles or amphibians, are referenced in various herp and personal articles at my site and are housed with related material in my CND section.

Written or Compiled by Melissa Kaplan


Estrogen and the Environment
Disrupting the Truth - Peterson Myers
Estrogen Dominance and Xenoestrogens - Kaplan
Other Endocrine Disruptors - AAOS; EurekAlert
Gender-bending chemicals that mimic oestrogen are common in sunscreens
- New Scientist
Safety Concerns with Sunscreen - Berthold-Bond
A Fish Named Wayne/Wanda? - Lebeau
Glucuronidation - Kaplan
Hormonal Sabotage - Colborn, Dumanoski, & Myers


Other Articles of Interest
Hypercoagulation - Kaplan
Orthostatic Intolerance - Livingstone
The Prediabetic Epidemic (Syndrome X) - Jack Challem

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