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Iguana Care, Feeding & Socialization (ICFS)

©1991, 2006 Melissa Kaplan


The original Iguana Care, Feeding and Socialization article started out as a one-page caresheet. When I got my first modem and started participating in online forums and newsgroups, I found myself answering the same questions over and over again, and so I began to save my responses. As time and the acquisition of knowledge continued, the article was periodically revised and patched and began to look pretty raggedy.

After giving it a complete overhaul, that original handout grew to 79 pages in 2002. It is currently available in a 460 KB PDF file for you to read, print out, or download to read and print out when you are offline. If you don't already have a PDF (Portable Document File) reader or utility converter, you can download one for free from DocuDesk, or PrimoPDF.

The previous major revision of my ICFS "article" was 34 pages long, even with minimum formatting. At that time, it was available online, covering nine very long web pages. Offering it in HTML again will require at least double the number of very long web pages and will take more to keep both sets of documents (HTML and the manuscript from which the PDF file is made) current when I make changes. So, I will offer at my website only the PDF document.

The nice thing about the PDF format is that you can search the entire document all at once when you are looking for something in particular.

To reduce distractions while reading, I did not include the URL to any of the articles or websites referenced in the text. Instead, you will find, in Part 8, all of the footnotes, articles and website URLs. When you are ready to read any of those articles or sites, you can use the Part 8 - Hypertext page to avoid typing in all the URLs by hand. Or, you can read back and forth, by opening Part 8 in a new browser window or tab, so you can read the referenced documents while you keep ICFS up in the other browser window.

For those of you who read the previous versions of this article, you will find a lot of new and updated material in this 2002 version. For those who have never read the ICFS and wonder what it is all about, it is the cornerstone of my iguana care information. The other articles at the site expand on the information in the ICFS, they do not supplant it, nor does the ICFS supplant any of the other information.

So, make yourself comfortable, remember to drink lots of fluids, and have fun!

Melissa Kaplan
Last Major Update: 07/28/2002

Iguanas for Dummies, by Melissa Kaplan..  Hungry Minds, New York NY. 2000.  353 pages.
Iguanas for Dummies©
by Melissa Kaplan.
Hungry Minds, New York NY. 2000. 353 pages

Original cover image of Captive Care of the Green Iguana
Captive Care of the Green Iguana
by Adam Britton and Melissa Kaplan, with reptile veterinarian Stephen Hernandez-Divers and iguana breeder Roger Lamb. Available once again!


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