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Iguana Care Feeding & Socialization (ICFS)

Part 8: Footnotes, Articles and Referenced Websites

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1. Wild-caught vs. farmed iguanas


3. Cyclura Species Status

4. Iguana Classification

5. Animal protein issues - Britton; Swanson

6. Sleep: More than just rest

7. Susan Donoghue VMD: Green Iguanas

8. Vitamins for Chronic Disease Prevention in Adults. JAMA. 2002;287:3116-3126 Part I & Part II

9. Iguana Teeth

10. Lizard Tough Guys

11. Size Does Matter

12. Tail, Limb and Digit Autotomy

13. Herp Veterinarians

14. Salad Size

15. Picking A Healthy Iguana


Referenced Articles

Adam Britton's Animal Protein Issue

Alfalfa (Mature)

Breeding Season Basics

Cage Materials

Calculating the Cost of Electricity

Change-Related Stress

Circadian Rhythm in Reptiles

Claw Trimming

Cleaning and Disinfecting: Article; Page

Commercial Reptile Food Development

Determining Iguana Age and Size

Emaciation (Starvation) Protocol

Evaluating Commerical Diets

Fact vs. Fiction: Clarifying and Verifying the Literature

Feces and Urates: The Scoop on the Poop

Fire Safety Information Resources

Human Health Concerns

Hypothermia in Iguanas and Other Reptiles

Iguana Behavior Articles

Iguana Bibliography

Iguana Enclosure Plans

Iguana Teeth

Iguanas: Survival of the Tastiest

John Iverson's Adaptations to Herbivory in Iguanine Lizards

Lighting & Heating

Male Iguanas In Breeding Season and Human Females

Metabolic Bone Disease

Mercury Vapor

MK Salad: An Illustrated Reference

Moving, Vacation & Boarding Stress in Green Iguanas

Musings on UV and D3

Picky Eaters


Preparing for Egging & Incubation


Recommended Reading

Reptile Lighting

Reptile Parasites and Wormers

Reptile Skin Shedding

Seminal Plugs and Exudates


Substrates for Reptiles: Caveat Emptor

Swimming: Not Just A Bathroom Activity

The Use of Reptiles in Public Education

To Fu or Not To Fu

Vitamin Supplementation



Agencies, Organizations, Resources and People Referenced in Text

Adam Britton PhD

C. Richard Tracy, PhD

Convention in Trade of Endangered Species of Plants and Animals (CITES)

Fundacion Pro Iguana Verde (Green Iguana Foundation)

Hand/Arm Protection:
Ig Gear
    Lizards in Kevlar (a blogged product review)

International Year Book published by the Zoological Society of London

John B. Iverson PhD

Rain Bird Irrigation Systems

Trader Joe's

United States Fish & Wildlife Service (UWFWS)

RockSolidHerps (Formerly Quantum Nutrition, developed by Susan Donoghue VMD)

Ultraviolet Light/Sun Exposure Sites:
   EPA SunWise UV Index
   MedlinePLUS Sun Exposure
   Local Weather & UV from Weather Underground

William B. Hayes PhD

World Wildlife Fund / TRAFFIC USA

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