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Behavior observation, whether of humans or other animals, can tell us much about the animal being observed--if we know what we are looking at and how to interpret it. By recognizing what are the normal behaviors of a healthy wild and captive animal and being observant of any changes in behavior, we can often head off social, environmental, and health problems before they become advanced enough to require serious--and often expensive--intervention.

Ethology is the systematic study of animal behavior. It is used to figure out why animals do what they do. In the case of environmental and social stress, it can also be used to figure out what is wrong and give us clues as to what needs to be changed to alleviate the stress.


Assorted Summer Musings Part I: Animal Rights vs. Animal Welfare
Assorted Summer Musings Part II: Anthropomorphism and Reptiles
The Cambridge Declaration on Consciousness
Cognitive Ethology: Slayers, Skeptics, and Proponents
Classical vs. Critical Anthropomorphism
Emotion and Phylogeny
Ethology, Ecology and Critical Anthropomorphism
Ethological and Other Considerations of Reptiles in Captivity
Reptilian Ethology In Captivity: Observations and Evaluation
Lizards Have Personalites Too, Study Finds


Keeper-Captivity Issues
Burmese Python Kills Colorado Youth
Burmese Python Kills New York Teen
Coprophagy (Feces Eating)
Giant Snake & Lizard Bites: Open Letter to Emergency Responders
Handling Reptiles
Lizards do really learn to recognize people
Lizard Tough Guys
Playing with the Big Boys: Handling Large Constrictors
Pssst...Wanna See My Pet Snake?
Researchers "Talk" to Lizards
Socializing Snakes
Taming Reptiles


Health-Related Behaviors
Change-Related Stress
Disease-Associated Preferred Body Temperatures in Reptiles


Social & Reproductive Behaviors
Cooperation between unrelated male lizards adds new wrinkle to evolutionary theory
Differential Resource Use, Growth, and the Otogeny of Social Relationships in the Green Iguana

Lizard Tough Guys


Intelligence and Learning
A Real Smart Asp: Snakes show surprising ability to learn
MIT Researcher Finds Animals Have Complex Dreams
What Is Intelligence?


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