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Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of the cancer cell.
- Edward Abbey

Health can be snatched away at the rate of parts per billion
- Nicholas Ashford & Claudia Miller, Chemical Exposures: Low Levels and High Stakes.

Only when the last tree has died, and the last river been poisoned, and the last fish been caught, will we realize that we cannot eat money.


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Cover Image: Iguanas for Dummies.  Book written by Melissa Kaplan.
by Melissa Kaplan

Advance Care Directives
Chronic Neuroimmune Diseases
Lyme Disease & Coinfections



Released/Escaped Pets Threatened Native Species
African Tick Disease Imported on Snakes and Tortoises
Bullfrogs: Introduced Predators in Southwestern Wetlands
Dinner, Pets and Plagues: Wildlife Trade Leading to Ecodisaster
Florida's Iguana Infestation
Iguanas: They're ornery, exotic - and often a real pain
Invasive Species
Dinner, Pets, and Plagues by the Bucketful
Plight of the Iguana: Giant Lizards Overrun Us
Releasing Captive Reptiles

Study finds a new pathway for invasive species – science teachers


Declining Populations
Ambushing prey may make snakes vulnerable
Amphibian Chytridiomycosis and EID of Wildlife
Captive Breeding as Conservation Tool
Endangered species list grows long
Exotic Pets Blamed for Frogs' Demise
Extinction Risk Grows Around Globe
Frog Population Declines Continue
Frogs Feel The Heat
Frog Fungus Spreads to Panama
Herpetoculture and Conservation
Lying in Wait for Extinction
Neglected Elders: Endangered Reptile Species & Populations
Proliferation Of Argentine Ants In California Linked To Decline In Coastal Horned Lizards
Running Out Of Reptiles
Sun Coffee a Threat to Migrating and Local Wildlife
World's Reptile Populations Running Thin


Environmental Toxins and Herp Health
Feminized Frogs: Herbicide Disrupts Sexual Growth
A Fish Named Wayne/Wanda?
Hormonal Sabotage (Our Stolen Future)
More Frog Trouble: Herbicides May Emasculate Wild Males
Oil Spill Starves Iguanas: Ecologist Sues
Scientists Home In On Causes Of Amphibian Deformities
Frog Limb Deformities: Synergism Between Pesticide Exposure and Parasite Infection
Emerging Pathogen of Wild, Farmed Bullfrogs Bred for the International Restaurant Trade


Convention on Global Biodiversity
State Conservation Links and Information (SSAR)
The Work of Nature
Ecological Meltdown in Predator-Free Forest Fragments


Rattlesnakes: Roundups and Coexisting with Venomous Reptiles
ABC Bites on Rattlesnake Roundup Report
Kansas Herpetological Society's Position Paper on Rattlesnake Roundups
Rattlesnake Roundups Revisited
The Realities of Rattlesnake Roundups
The Truth Behind Rattlesnake Roundups (HSUS Report)
Urban Rattlers: A Homeowner's Guide
Sweetwater TX Rattlesnake Roundup - Hollister
Venomous Reptile Relocators
Venomous Snakebite Treatment Information


Wildlife Trade
Burnout: When Rescuers Need Rescuing
Carnival Iguanas
Dinner, Pets and Plagues: Wildlife Trade Leading to Ecodisaster
Forensics Fights Crimes Against Wildlife
Getting Under Their Skin
Into the Labyrinth: LEMIS, ABI and CITES
The Iguana Next Door: Reptile mania has struck...
Iguanas and Other Reptile Pets Around The World
Mine's An Iguana
Reptile Give-Aways at Fairs
Reptile Skin Trade
Dinner, Pets, and Plagues by the Bucketful
Understaffed and Overworked
Up for Discussion: Ethics & Resources


Conservation Efforts
Amphibians: A Conservation Moment
Box Turtle Partnership of Texas
Captive Breeding as a Conservation Tool
Costa Rica Medicinal Plant Project
Desert Tortoise Preserve Committee
European Studbook Foundation
Fundacion Pro Iguana Verde (Green Iguana Foundation)
Grand Cayman Blue Iguana
Iguana: Survival of the Tastiest
Kidnapping males could save species
IUCN SSC West Indian Iguana Specialist Group (WIISG)
Jamaican Iguana Research and Conservation Group
Peter Pritchard: Hero of the Planet
The Role of the Domestic Animal in the Zoo


Online books available free from the National Academy Press
Nature and Human Society: The Quest for a Sustainable World
Perspectives on Biodiversity: Valuing Its Role in an Everchanging World
Biodiversity II: Understanding and Protecting Our Biological Resources
Animals as Sentinels of Environmental Health Hazards  

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