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Mail Order Herp Dry Goods Suppliers

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Equipment Suppliers
Herp Booksellers
Aviaries and Connectors
Duro-Test Vita-Lites


Equipment and Supplies
Suppliers marked with an * sell Nolvasan (chlorhexidine diacetate). These suppliers do not sell live animals. Note that the disinfectant chlorhexidine diacetate is now being sold under brand names other than Nolvasan (Ft. Dodge) so shop around for the best price.

Herp Supply Companies

The Bean Farm*
32514 NE 77th Street
Carnation WA 98014-6701
Telephone Orders: 425-861-7964
Fax Orders: 206-333-4205

Black Jungle Terrarium Supply
(air plants, cork, plants, etc.)
P.O. Box 426, Turners Falls, MA 01376

Big Apple Herpetological
90-1 Colin Drive
Holbrook NY 11741

LLL Reptiles & Supply Co.
609 Mission Avenue
Oceanside, California 92054
760-439-8492; Fax: 760-439-1921

David Blair's Critter Corner, Inc.
3410 Del Lago Blvd., Ste A334
Escondido, CA 92029.
Phone for more info: (760) 746-5422
For orders or catalog: (800) HERP NUT
Fax # (760)746-1732

Pondside Herp Supply
516 Townsend Rd.
Mason, NH 03048-4804 USA
603-878-9848 (Monday-Saturday, 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM EST)


General Pet Suppliers With Some Herp Supplies or Supplies for Herpers


Omaha Vaccine*

310 W. Saunders Rd
Dothen AL 36301

3705 Pear Street
POB 969
St. Joseph, MO 64502

Drs. Foster & Smith
2253 Air Park Road
P.O. Box 100
Rhinelander, WI 54501

Valentine, Inc.
Reptile Supply Catalog
4259 S. Western Blvd
Chicago IL 60609
1-800-GET-STUF (438-7883)


Specialty Equipment

Feeding Tech*
1935 Dinsmore Road
Clarksville TN 37040
Order Line: 1-800-688-0850
Info Line: 1-615-647-0273
Fax: 615-647-2829
Sells rubber and metal feeding tubes, feeding syringes, disinfectants, candling lights.


Suppliers Serving Canadian Herpers

The Canadian Zoological Supply Company
( Send $2.00 for price list )
P.O. Box 46054
Edmonton, AB
Canada T5K 2S3
(403) 488-1305
Pondside Herp Supply
516 Townsend Rd.
Mason, NH 03048-4804 USA
Monday-Saturday, 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM EST)
This US company will ship to Canada


Herp Booksellers

Herpetological Search Service & Exchange
117 E. Santa Barbara Rd.
Lindenhurst NY 11757

Krieger Publishing Company
POB 9542
Melbourne FL 32902-9542

Herpetological Booksellers
POB 49686
Athens GA 30604
Phone/Fax: 706-5434-5645
57 Clay Pit Road
Staten Island NY 10309

Fazo-Corp. Products
Box 69007
RAM, Laval,
Quebec H7X 3M2 Canada

Zoo Book Sales
P.O. Box 405
Lanesboro, MN 55949
Tel: (507) 467-8733
Fax: (507) 467-8735

For herpetological journals, see Herp Literature.
For herp magazines, see Herp Magazines.



Duro-Test Vita-Lites
The original UVB-producing fluorescents for reptiles. The products were hard to find for a while as the company went through reorganization, but they are back in business producing a line of UVB-producing fluorescent tubes and UVB-producing compact fluorescent. If you can't find them locally or through other herp dry goods suppliers, here's another source:

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