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Herp Care Products: Translations and Equivalencies

Compiled by Melissa Kaplan, 2000


When I write my articles, I write them from the my personal geographic reference point: I live in the United States. Thus, the product names I give are those found here in the U.S. As access to the Internet increases every year, with people outside the U.S. accessing the Internet, I have felt the need to provide additional information that will enable people living elsewhere find the things I talk about, or equivalent products.

I can not do this on my own since I can't travel everywhere (unless someone would like to fund my travels?) so I rely on the help of herpers in other countries who have done some research and rooting around their equivalents of our pharmacies, drug stores and supermarkets to find similar products - and let me know what they are. I have done this previously, in my Vegetable and Fruit Names page, created (and still in development as people provide new information for it) for those trying to find the many vegetables, greens and fruits recommended in my herbivorous and omnivorous lizard and chelonian articles.

If you have information you would like to contribute to this page, please send it to me and I will get it added within a day or two. Please be sure your correct email address is somewhere in your correspondence so that I can ask you any questions if I need to.

Captive Environment
First Aid
Nutrition & Fluid Support
Glossary/Translations of Terms

Language Codes: DK=Danish NL=Dutch CA=Canada/English FR=French/Canadian French


Captive Environment Products

Ultraviolet B-producing fluorescents (Vita-Lite; Zoo Med Reptile and Iguana tubes)

Ott Lights (UK, EU)

Zoo Med 5.0 (DE; NL - at specialized stores)



First Aid Products


antibacterieel (NL); Antibiotikum (DE)

Antibiotic ointment

antibiotica zalf (NL - compounded drug requires prescription)


tegen schimmels (NL)


antiviraal (NL)

Blood stop powder

gele poeder (NL)

Betadine (povidone-iodine)

povidon jood; betadine (NL); Betadine (CA - ask your pharmacist for it as it is usually kept behind the counter)

Hibiclens (chlorhexidine gluconate)

liquid disinfectant

surgical scrub/soap


chloorhexidine (NL - not for sale)

Hibiscrub (NL; pharmacies)

Nolvasan (chlorhexidine diacetate)

liquid disinfectant

surgical scrub



chloorhexidine (NL - not for sale)


Paraciticide (antiparasite)

parasiticide (NL)


antiviraal (NL)



Nutrition & Fluid Support


Electrolyt-Glucose-Mischung bei Durchfallerkrankungen (DE)


Nutridrink (NL)


AA-drink orange, Extran orange, Gatorade Orange (NL); Gatorade (DE)

Yogurt with live cultures

Mona Vifit (NL)



Glossary/Translations of Terms
The languages appearing below represent those I typically receive mail from or have been submitted by IguanaMail List members or other visitors to my site. The nonappearance of any language here should not be construed as a slight against any country or culture. If you have translations of words you would like to see included in this Glossary, please email them to me.



(kills or stops parasitic worms [helminths] from reproducing in the body)


(kills or stops bacteria from reproducing in the body)


(kills or stops fungi from reproducing in the body)


(kills or stops viruses from reproducing in the body)

tegen virussen op oppervlakten; tegen virussen in het lichaam (NL)

(kills parasites on surfaces)

insektbekaempelsesmiddel (DK); dood parasieten op oppervlakten (NL)

(kills viruses on surfaces)


For translations into other languages, try the's instant multilingual translator and Multilingual Glossary Technical/Medical Terms


Language Codes: DE = German DK=Danish NL=Dutch CA=Canada/English FR=French/Canadian French

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