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Vegetable and Fruit Names

A Multi-Lingual Glossary for Herbivorous and Omnivorous Reptile Keepers

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As pet iguanas are found increasingly all around the world, talking about the vegetables and fruits that make up the iguana salad becomes increasingly confusing.

My MK Salad - An Illustrated Reference page has photos of the ingredients in the Basic Salad recipe in my Iguana Care, Feeding and Socialization article. The Illustrated Reference has some alternate common names that I have picked up through reading posts on the IguanaMail list through the years. This Vegetable and Fruit Names resource will be broader in scope, a place to compile the common names of vegetables of all types: those that can be used regularly, those that should be used only in small amounts as occasional treats, and those that should avoided altogether. If you can't find what you are looking for her, check out the resources linked to the end of this document.

To submit names to me, please email me and include the language name, the English or botanical name of the plant you are submitting along with its translation. You may also be able to help with my Product Names listing.

Important Note: Some of the plants listed below are not suitable for feeding at all or other than as very occasional treats due to the amount of harmful phytochemicals in them, most notably calcium oxalate, oxalic acid, goitrogens, nitrates, gastric irritants, and narcotic/psychotropic effects. They are included here because their common names are very similar to plants that are safe to feed regularly. The harmful and potentially harmful ones are marked with an *.

Leafy Greens


alfalfa (US, NE, SP). Buffalo grass (US). Lucerne (?). erba medica, pianta medica foraggio (IT); Jatt; Kaba Yonca; Lucerne; Mielga; Mu Su; Rucola, Rauke (DE); Sai Pi Li Ka; Yonj. Medicago sativa


(US). rocket (US), roquette (FR), rucula, rucola (IT). Eruca sativa

*beet greens

(US). remolacha azucarera (hacelga?) (SP); bietola, bietole (IT). Beta vulgaris

bell pepper See sweet pepper

bok choi

See pak choy


See collard greens

broccoli rabe

also spelled: rabe, raab (US); cime di rapa (IT). Other than the incidental broccoli-like appearance of the few flowers, this is not broccoli. See rapini.

brussels sprouts

(US). Coles de bruselas (SP); cavoletti di Bruxelles (IT). Brassica oleracea (Gemmifera Group)

cabbage; red cabbage

(US). repollo, col lombarda (SP); cavolo rosso, cavolo nero (IT); kubis, kubis merah (MA). Brassica oleracea (Capitata Group)

casava leaves also cassava (see Vegetables below) (US); daun singkong (IA); Manihot esculenta
cauliflower (US). chou-fleur (FR); kubis bunga (MA). Brassica oleracea var. botrytis L.


Swiss chard; rainbow chard, red chard (US). Spinach beet; Mangold (DE); biete, bietola comune (IT); Mangel Wurzel. Beta vulgaris spp.


(US). Endive chicory; endive; cultivated endive; hindiba; radiccio, escarola (SP).(Cichorium endivia). Chicory; Common Chicory; Wild Chicory; cicoria (IT). (Cichorium intybus).

[Also Orange Agoseris, Orange-flower Goat-chicory (Agoseris aurantiaca) leaves are eaten cooked. Mountain Dandelion, Pale Agoseris, Pale Goat-chicory (Agoseris glauca) is used for its latex-like gum, not as a leafy salad or cooked food green.]

*Chinese spinach

Amaranth Greens, Baqlat Iamania, [Bayam], Berry-bearing Orache, Hijau Salad Amaranth, Hinn-choy, Joseph's Coat, Purple Amaranth, Strawberry Blite, Slender Amaranth, Strawberry Spinach, Vegetable Amaranth, Wild Amaranth; spinacio cinese (IT) . Amaranthus tricolor, A. polygamus, A. mangostanus, A. blitum. Very high in nitrites: do not feed.

chou precoce

See collard greens

collard greens

(US). borecale, cut-and-come-again, rosette colewort, watercress (UK), spring greens, pamphrey (UK); chou precoce (FR), col verde nueva, verdes del collard (SP), lente blad groente (NE), junge kohlblatter (DE); Cavolo Nero, verza (IT); berza (SP). Brassica oleracea var.acephala. Note: In the UK, bags of "spring greens" = collard; "greens" = cabbage. See kale. See also the ARS database.


corn salad, kuzu gevregi, lamb's lettuce, lamb's lettuce, Lewiston cornsalad, loblollie, mache; Feldsalat, Rupunzel (DE); songino valeriana, valerianella, valeriana (IT). Valerianella locusta. (Note: not to be confused with lambsquarter, Chenopodium album, which is high in oxalate.)

curled mustard

Mustard cabbage (US); mostarda foglia riccia, cavolo riccio (IT). Brassica juncea crispifolia


Dente di leone, soffione, tarassaco (IT); paardebloembladen (NE); Loewenzahn (DE), diente de león (SP). Taraxacum officinale


See escarole. Chicoree (DE); indivia, cicoria indivia (IT). Cichorium endivia


(US). endive, chicory (US). Scarola, cicoria scarola (IT), andijvie (NE), escarola (SP),Endivie (DE). Cichorium endivia


(US). Gruenkohl (DE); col rizada (SP); cavolo verde riccio (IT). Brassica oleracea var: Scotch Kale. Same basic plant as collard, but leaves are curlier, with harder veins and ribbing, posing a potential danger to lizards swallowing them. See also the ARS database.


See cornsalad

mustard cabbage

Brown Mustard, Chinese Green, Chinese Mustard, Gai Cai, Gai Choy, India Mustard, Indian Greens, Indian Mustard, Jie Cai, Kaai Tsoi, Karashina, Karasi-Na, Leaf Mustard, Mustard Greens, Sawi-sawi, Sesawi, Takana; cavolo cappuccio (IT). Brassica integrifolia (Other synonyms: B. besseriana, B. japonica, B. juncea, B. juncea var. crispifolia, B. juncea var. integrifolia, B. juncea var. japonica, B. oleracea x nigra, B. willdenowii, Sinapis juncea.)

Kal (SE): cabbage

Pak choy: Brassica rapa chinensis

Curled Mustard: Brassica juncea crispifolia

mustard greens

(US);.sawi hijau, caisim (IA); foglie di mostarda, senape (IT). Brassica juncea

mustard spinach

Abura-Na, Birdrape, Canola, Chou, Colza, Ma Chieh, Man Ching, Rape, Rape Mustard, Salgam, Shalgham, Shelem, Turnip[-like], Wu Ching, Yu T'Sai, Yun T'Ai, Wild Turnip. verdura selvatica (IT). See also rapini. Brassica rapa campestris

Abura-Na, Birdrape, Canola, Man Ching, Mustard Spinach, Rape, Rape Mustard, Seventop Turnip, Shalgham, Shelem, Turnip, Wu Ching, Yu T'Sai, Yun T'Ai. Brassica rapa

Tender green; tendergreen. Brassica rapa perviridis

New Zealand spinach

Turu-Na; spinacio neozelandese (IT). Tetragonia tetragonoides

pak choy

Bai Cai, Bok Choy, Chinese Celery Cabbage, Chinese White Cabbage, Chingensai, Loose-headed Chinese Cabb, Mustard Cabbage, Pai Ts'Ai, Pak Choi, Quing Cai, Shakushina, Xiao Bai Cai; cavolo cinese (IT) Brassica rapa chinensis

radiccio (radicchio)

See chicory.


See rapini


Turnip; Seven-top turnip, Seventop Turnip, Birdrape, Canola, Mustard Spinach, Rape, Rape Mustard. (US); ravizzone, rapa da cima quarantina (IT). Abura-Na, Man Ching, Shalgham, Shelem, Turnip, Wu Ching, Yu T'Sai, Yun T'Ai. Brassica rapa var rapa


See arugula

romaine (US) Romaine lettuce; lettuce; cos. (Lactuca sativa)


(US). Spinat (DE); spinacio, spinaci (IT); bayam (MA); espinaca (SP). Spinacia oleracea, in the Chenopodiaceae family; relative of beets (Beta vulgaris maritima [sea beet; wild spinach] and Beta vulgaris cicla [beet spinach; spinach beet]). Very high in calcium oxalate so should not be fed.

spring greens

See collard greens

turnip greens

(US). Rueben gruen (DE); foglie di rapa (IT). See rapini



asparagus (US); asparago (IT); Asperge (FR); espárrago (SP), Esparrago, Esparraguera, Garden-asparagus, Halyun, Kuskonmaz, Matuba-Udo. Asparagus officinalis
aubergine see eggplant.
avocado (US, IT). aguacate (SP). Persea americana


(US). Brokkoli (DE); broccoletti (IT), brócoli (SP). Brassica oleracea (Botrytis Group). See also the ARS database.

broccoli raab

broccoli raab (B. rapa Ruvo Group - one source). Italian turnip broccoli, nabana, ruvo kale, saishin; rapa italiana (IT). Brassica ruvo


Also cassava, manioc, mandioca, yucca, yuca, yucca root, yuca root, Brazilian arrowroot; manioca fritta, singkong, ubi kayu (IA), tubero per tapioca (IT) See also yucca page.


(US). colifror (SP); cavolfiore (IT). Brassica oleracea (Botrytis Group)


See zucchini

eggplant (US); aubergine (FR); melanzana (IT), berenjena (SP). Solanum melongena

green beans

green beans, snap peas, snap beans (US); gruen Bohnen, Brechbonen (DE); haricot verts (FR); fagiolini verdi (IT). Phaseolus vulgaris


(US). Lauch, Poree (DE); porro (IT), puerro (SP). Allium ampeloprasum


(Cuba). [similar to cassava] tanier, tannier, tannia, yautia; manioca (IT). See also yucca page.


(Brazil); manioca; manioca, tubero brasiliano (IT). See malanga. See also yucca page.


See zucchini


(US) Celeri Marron, Chirivia , Persil Marron , Pastinaken (DE); pastinaca, tubero di pastinaca (IT), pastinaca, chirivía (SP). Pastinaca sativa


green peas; edible-podded peas (US). Erbsen (DE); piselli, pisellini verdi (IT), guisantes, chicharos (SP). Pisum sativum

soy; soybean

(US). soja, semillas de soja (SP); soia, soya, fagiolo di soia (IT). Glycine max

summer squash

(US) Any soft squash with a very limited shelf-life, such as zucchini. Zucca verde estiva, zucca Chioggia (IT). Curcubita spp.

sweet pepper bell pepper (US); peperone (IT); pimiento dulce (SP), cayenne, paprika, pimento. Capsicum annuum

winter squash

(US) Any hard squash that stays fresh for months when kept at cool temperatures, such as acorn, butternut, pumpkin (=pompoen (NE), Kuerbis (DE)), kabocha, banana squash, turban, delicata. Zucca, zucca gialla invernale, zucca noce di burro [butternut] (IT). Curcubita maxima.

yuca (yucca)

See also yucca page


(US). courgette (FR, UK, NE); calabacin (SP); marrow (UK); zucchino, zucchina, zucchine, zucchini (IT). Curcubita pepo




(US). Apfel (DE); appel (NE); mela (IT); manzana (SP). Malus sylvestris domestica; Malus spp.

apricot (US). albicocca (IT), albaricoque (SP). Prunus armeniaca


(US). Banane (DE); pisang (MA); banaan (NE), plátano (SP). Musa spp.


(US). arandano (SP); mirtillo (IT). Vaccinium spp.


(US). (Honing)meloen (NE); melon (SP); Acur, Armenian Cucumber, Bataiaikh, Blewek, Bluwak, Cantaloupe, Common Melon, Gendura, Hsiang Kua, Kalak, Kan Kua, Kua Tzu Jen, Melon, Melons, Qawoon, Shao Kua, T'Ien Kua Ti, Yueh Kua; melone cantalupo di Charentais (IT). Cucumis melo


(US). cerezas (SP); ciliegia (IT). Prunus avium


(US). Feigen (DE); Vijg (NE); fico (IT); Figue France, Figuier, Figuier Blanc, Hanjir, Higo, Higo Verde, Higuera, Ichijiku, Incir Agaci, Injir, Itiziku, Lovea Si Phle, Tin; Ficus carica, F. macrophylla, F. palmata


(US). Trauben (DE); Druif (NE); uva (IT); anggur (MA); uvas (SP); I'Nab, P'U T'Ao, P'U T'Ao Chiu, Raisin, Roseinekaerne, Tray, Vid, Vigne, Vine, Vite: Vitis vinifera


(US, DE, NE. SP); pesca brasiliana (IT); mangga, pelam, mempelam (MA) . Mangifera indica


(US, NE, SP); papaia (IT); betik (MA). Carica papaya


(US). Birnen (DE); Poire (FR); Peer (NE); pera (SP); pera (IT). Pyrus communis spp.

prickly pear

(US). Indian fig; Figuier D'Inde, Hsien Jen Chang, Indian-fig, Nopal, Penca, Barbary Fig, Figue de Barbarie (FR), Pricklypear, Raquette, Tuna, Tuna Cactus: Opuntia compressa. Cactus vrucht (NE), Figuier D'Inde, Hsien Jen Chang, Indian-fig, Nopal, Penca, Prickly Pear, Barbary Fig, Pricklypear, Raquette, Tuna, Tuna Cactus; fico d'India, fico moresco (IT). Opuntia ficus-indica


(US). Himbeeren (DE); framboos (NE); framboise (FR); lampone (IT); frambuesa (SP). Rubus spp.


(US). ruibarbo (SP); rabarbaro (IT). Rheum rhabarbarum

*star fruit (starfruit)

carambola (US); frutto a stella esotico, carambola (IT); belimbing (MA), carambola (SP). Averrhoa carambola L.


(US). Erdbeeren (DE); Aardbei (NE); Fraise (FR); fresa (SP); fragola (IT). Fragaria spp.


(US). Wassermelone (DE); Pastèque (FR); Watermeloen (NE); anguria, cocomero (IT); tembikai (MA); sandía (SP); Han Kua, Hsi Kua, Melon D'Eau, Patilla, Qarbuz, Raggi, Semongka, Shuti, Water Melon, Watermelon, Yang Ch'I Kua; Citrullus lanatus



*chamomile (US); camomilla (IT); camomile, manzanilla (SP). Chamaemelum nobile


Cilantro (US, SP), coriander leaf (US). Koriander (DE); pianta di coriandolo (IT). Coriandrum sativum


common parsley; curled parsley, garden parsley (US). perejil (SP); persil, persil vert (FR); prezzemolo (IT). Petroselinum crispum



DE = Germany; FR - French; IA - Indonesia; IT - Italian; MA = Malaysia; NE - Netherlands; SE - Sweden; SP - Spanish; US - American English; UK - UK English

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