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Medi-Cal & Medicare Cuts:
Not the way to balance the budget

Applying for Social Security Benefits
While the following articles may refer to CFS or FM, the information in them are equally applicable to all the disabling conditions discussed at this site. The key thing to remember is that the social security claim reviewers don't care if you can't work at your job any longer, or even the job you held before that one. They need to know why you can't work any job consistently and well enough to work even part-time.

Completing Disability Forms
Five Crucial Steps to Winning your CFS Disability Case
Trying to Look Good When You Feel Like Crap: Don't
Why Not Me?
Doctors & Disability Letters: Building the Framework

Activities of Daily Living/Functional Capacity Forms
Daily Activities Worksheet (PDF)
Karnofsky Scale
SF-36 Health Survey (PDF)

Symptom Checklists
CFS & FM Symptom Comparison Table - Kaplan
CFS Symptom Checklist - Goldstein

CFS/FM Symptom Checklist - Berne
Fibromyalgia and/or Chronic Myofascial Pain - Starlanyl
Master Symptom List for CFS/FM/CMP/Lyme - Kaplan


Additional Social Security Information Resources
Social Security, CFS And FM
Social Security Benefits and Claims
SEVERE: Social Security Disability Benefits Law Information and Resources

Disability Information Resources
Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)
Consumers Guide to Disability Rights Laws
Cornucopia of Disability Information (CODI)
Flying With A Disability
How To File A Title III Complaint
National Organization on Disability
Traveling With A Disability


Housing, Habitability and Access
ADA Accessibility Guidelines for Buildings and Facilities (ADAAG) - Housing
Housing (
National Fair Housing Council
Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards (UFAS)


Disableds Getting Shafted


Taxing Concerns
California Homeowner and Renters Assistance Program for Elderly and Disabled
Tax Highlights for Persons with Disabilities (Pub. 907)
Credit for the Elderly and Disabled (Pub. 524)
Medical and Dental Expenses, Pub. 502
Older American's Tax Guide
Tax Incentives for Businesses


Disability and Education
Postsecondary Education Clearinghouse (HEATH)


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