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The plant lists at my site, while often extensive, are not all inclusive. That is why I have also provided links to databases and other plant information resource sites for you to use when researching a plant you do not find on one of the listings housed at my site. If you live outside of the United States, especially in countries where the produce named in my articles cannot be found and the produce common to other countries is not found in any of my articles or resources (such as the Vegetable & Fruit Names), search through your own country's agricultural and nutritional databases (online or in books) to find nutritional data on the produce you have available to you. Then, you can compare that data with the data found in the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Nutrition Database to compound a diet that provides the same nutrition (not just calcium and phosphorus) as the plants recommended in my articles.

Edible Plant Lists
Botanical and Common Vegetable and Fruit Names
Edible Ornamental Plants List
MK Salad - An Illustrated Reference


Safe, Toxic and Harmful Plant Lists/Databases
Harmful & Toxic Plants
Plants for a Future Database (PFAF)
Plants Causing Sudden Death
Plants Toxic to Animals (Veterinary Medical Library)
University of California, Davis - Safe
University of California, Davis - Toxic
University of Illinois, Champaign Vet Med Toxic Plant Database
USDA CFSAN Poisonous Plant Database


Sites With Photos
Guide to Asian Vegetables > Click on the Asian Vegetables tab
Burpee Seed Company

Gardeners Supply
Park Seed Online
Territorial Seed Company
Tlady's Guide Food Plant List
University of Oregon's Fruits and Vegetables
The Vivarium Page


Nutrient and Other Plant Information Databases
Plants for a Future Database
Phytochemical and Ethnobotanical Database
USDA Nutrient Database


Growing Your Own
Annie Lancaster's Forage Mix
ExoticPetsGardening Email List
Growing Your Own Tortoise Forage
Plants Suitable For Herp Habitats


Plants, Pesticides and Alternatives
Natural Pest Control
Plants, Pesticides, and Herps

Open Letter to Pest Control Companies


Other Plant Information Resources
A Guide to Plant Poisoning of Animals in North America (online book in progress)
Effects of Environmental Pollutants on North American Temperate Forests
Guide to Plant Relationships
HortiPlex Database
Ohio State University's PlantFacts
Plants for a Future Database
Raintree Tropical Plant Database
University of Oregon's Index of Fruits and Vegetables
The Vivarium Page
You Say Yuca, I Say Yucca...


What Do Wild Reptiles Eat?
Diet of a Generalized Folivore, Iguana iguana, in Panama
Plants Consumed by Iguanas in the Wild  

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