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Advance Care Directives
Chronic Neuroimmune Diseases
Lyme Disease & Coinfections



Emergency Preparedness
Enclosure Size Design & Planning
Fire Safety
Foodborne Diseases
Lighting & Heating
Other information
Life Without You


Lighting & Heating
While some products create heat and light, not all products are appropriate for use with all herps, and those that are may not be appropriate for use all the time.

General Heating/Lighting Information
Calculating the Cost of Electricity
Catch the Wave: Reptile Lighting
Heating: Watts it all about
Lighting and Heating for Reptiles: They are not the same thing
Reptile Lighting: You may not be getting what you think you're buying...

Hot Rocks
Winter Advisory: Heading off problems before they start

Calibrating Your Hygrometer

Lighting: Visible and Ultraviolet
Black Lights
Comparison of Sun vs. UVB Lighting
Idiosyncrasies in Vitamin D Metabolism in Green Iguanas
Michael Holick, MD, Speaks on UV and D3...and Iguanas
Musings on UV and D3...
No UVB From Tungsten Filament Incandescent (Neodymium) Lamps
Reptile Lighting: A Current Perspective
Sunlight & Reptile UVB Tubes: The importance of UVB exposure
Dangerous UV light snakes its way into the shade
UV Table

UV-lamps for terrariums: Their spectral characteristics and efficiency in promoting vitamin D3 synthesis by UVB irradiation
Dietary Vitamin D3 and UV-B Exposure Effects on Green Iguana Growth Rate: Is Full-spectrum Lighting Necessary?


Mercury Vapor Safety Concerns
Hidden Dangers
Abstracts: Adverse Effects of UV on Health
Biting Back
Cataract Development: It's Cumulative
Mercury Vapor Heat/UV Lamps: Suitable for home use?
Mercury Vapor Lamps
OSHA Safety Guidelines for Mercuy Vapor

General Lighting/Heating Information
Fluorescent Lamps, Ballasts, & Fixtures: A Primer

Life Without You
Don't Forget The Pets
Providing for Your Pet's Future Without You
Ensuring Long-Term Care for Your Pet


Enclosure Size, Design & Planning
Imagine: A Visualization Exercise
Reptile Housing: Size, Dimension and Lifestyle
Standard Tank Size
Basic Iguana Cage Design Problems
Iguana (and other herp) Enclosure Plans


Fire Safety
Tips to Prevent Home Fires Caused by Space Heaters
Fire Safety


Foodborne Diseases
Alfalfa Sprouts: Health Food or Health Risk?
Produce Handling and Processing Practices
Sprout Safety: FDA Warns High-Risk Groups: Don't Eat Alfalfa Sprouts


Use of cedar as a substrate
More on the use of pine in captive herp environments
Substrates for Reptiles: Caveat Emptor
Substrates for Reptiles (Thesis Excerpt)


Other Useful Information
Allergies to Reptiles and Herp-Keeping Products
Getting Rid of Reptile Mites
Microclimates: Dealing with Summer Heat & Low Humidity
Moving and Shipping Reptiles
Natural Pest Control
Open Letter To Emergency Responders to Biting Snake Calls
Spiders and Scorpions Harm Reptiles
Treating Wild-Caught Wood
Vacations and Your Reptiles  

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